Inverness Press 2012Leather Spine and Canvas Cover
50 Bike Grid Photo Endpapers
11 x 17 inches
102 Doubled-sided Pages
50 lb. Red River Artic Polar Luster Paper
201 Archival Ink Jet Color Photographs
Printed and Bound by the Photographer
Edition of 10




The bike photographer uses the skills of a hunter: stealth, persistence, speed, and good aim. He clears his mind, tunes his peripheral vision, and stalks his prey. The bikes are a lens and a link, a way of seeing and a way of being.

Bikes are part of our collective consciousness and an essential element of the urban landscape. Bikes have personalities. A parked bike radiates an absent presence, which is energy and imprint of the rider. Two bikes locked to the same pole are like lovers on a blind date.

The bike photograph is a interplay of bike and background. Sometimes the background is the canvas and the bike is the subject, but often the background is the subject and the bike is the canvas. Many bike photographs are seen, but few are captured.

The bike photographer sees the changing face of the city. Murals come and go, storefronts change, and the bikes never stop weaving fleeting compositions through the urban fabric. Photographing bikes is endless.

But if a single bike photograph captures essence, it will point to something. Inner and outer become one, and in that moment, the whole world is complete. Bikes give us freedom and joy. To ride is to glide. It never gets old.